Lightweight switchable smart solutions for energy saving glass facades | 12/12/2022 | on-line

In modern architecture, large-area glazing is a continuing trend because of its appearance and design variety. Large southwards-oriented windows help to reduce the energy demand for heating in winter. However, large-area glazing may significantly increase the energy demand for cooling and air-conditioning in hot summers. Smart Glass Solutions – such as electrochromic (EC) and thermochromic (TC) windows and glass façades control the radiation energy transfer with the “touch of a button” and thus can drastically reduce the energy demands for heating and air conditioning of large buildings. In addition, they allow superior indoor lighting comfort in contrast to conventional mechanical window blinds. Switch2Save H2020 project has been launched to improve the availability and affordability of EC and TC smart glass technologies. The consortium of ten partners from research and industry will demonstrate the energy saving potential of Smart Glass Solutions in two fully-operational buildings.

Hosted by BUILD UP, the Switch2Save project organised the webinar entitled “Lightweight switchable smart solutions for energy saving glass facades“. The webinar took place 12/12/2022 and presented the main features of Switch2Save technology and its potential impact and introduced also the Architectural Design Competition.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°869929, project Switch2Save.