Switch2Save Architectural Design Competition registration prolonged till 28/2/2023

Are you a student or a young professional in architecture / building physics or engineering? Do not miss your opportunity and take part in Switch2Save Architectural Design Competition to explore the possibilities offered by lightweight switchable smart glass solutions for energy efficient glass facades buildings.

Switch2Save project proposes advanced, low-weight solutions suitable for direct integration to windows and glass facades for the control of radiation energy transfer, without any impact on the building structure, while enhancing occupants’ comfort.  

Switch2Save Architectural Design Competition aims to collect design concepts of non- residential buildings (new or renovation projects), featuring glass facades, roofs, or large window to wall areas, in any climatic context.

We invite students and young professionals to present a design concept in which there is an optimum exploitation of the Switch2Save EC/TC smart functionalities, supported by a clear energy saving concept towards meeting the EU energy saving targets for buildings, while considering occupants’ comfort and wellbeing. In addition, the successful aesthetic integration of the IGUs will be evaluated, as well as the replication potential of the design approach.

Your’ll find more detailed information about the competition on our website

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°869929, project Switch2Save.